Why Flossing Is Important to Your Dental Health

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Flossing is often an overlooked detail to many people's dental routine. Many people think that brushing alone is enough to fight bacteria and plaque, but this is not the case. To properly clean your teeth, keep gums healthy and remove plaque, flossing is a critical component.
According to the ADA, more than 500 bacterias are found in plaque. Not all of these bacterias are bad, but, when combined with the other bacteria that can get in between your teeth from food and drinks, you are increasing the likelihood of cavities and tooth decay.
Not only are cavities and tooth decay an issue, gum disease can also form due to a lack of flossing. If bacteria is left in between your teeth and around your gums it will increase your chances of developing gum disease.
It is important to properly floss every day along with brushing your teeth. Proper dental hygiene is the best way to fight against oral health issues and diseases. Some diseases do not just affect your mouth, but your overall health as well. If you would like to make sure you are flossing correctly, be sure to click here.

Dentist in Delaware, OH

If you are due for a cleaning or have any dental concerns, be sure to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lechner in Delaware, OH. Along with proper at-home hygiene, visiting the dentist on a routine basis is important for keeping a healthy smile. 

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