"Our daughter is married to a gentleman serving in the U.S. Coast Guard. They are stationed in Cape May, New Jersey. She waits until she can come back to Delaware just to see Dr. Lechner and his staff because she loves them so much and couldn't find any other group that she trusts as much as them."

-Suzanne MacDonald

"I have never been to a dentist that did not cause me pain. I have had a tooth extracted, 3 filling. I have gum disease that developed in my bones from chemotherapy. Dr. Lechner has given me hope that I can do something’s to help slow the gum disease. Thank all of you - you guys are great!!"

-Laura Kirkpatrick

"I would highly recommend Dr. Lechner for any dental needs.  His entire office staff is very friendly and accommodating.  They work with your schedule to find what time works best.  Dr. Lechner addresses your dental issues without being invasive or aggressive with treatment."

-Mary Louise Williams

"Dr. Lechner has been my dentist for as long as he's been in Delaware. He was the first dentist to recognize that my having had rheumatic fever meant that I should take an antibiotic prior to a dentist visit. From that time forward, I have not come down with any sort of illness following a dentist appointment. Thank you for all these wonderful years of healthy teeth and general good health!"

-Mary Fran Cassidy