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Is Having a Root Canal Painful?

Root canals are a procedure for rescuing a severely infected or decayed tooth. This procedure is required when a tooth infection moves beyond being a toothache and forms an abscess which expands throughout the root of the tooth. Done by a dentist or an endodontist, a root canal procedure cleanses the insides of the tooth, removes the nerve and pulp present inside the root canal, and saves the tooth. Some people find the thought of having a root canal done potentially frightening. This is typical...

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Lechner Dental Group 12/23/2019 Comments(0)

Snoring: Should I Worry?

It keeps you r spouse, the kids and even the dog up at night . And when you think about staying with friends and family, do you cringe at the thought? Snoring is both embarrassing and annoying, but are they in fact more than just that? Could snoring actually show signs of much bigger problems? The answer is maybe. Sometimes your snoring can be a sign of something by the name of Sleep Apnea . Sleep apnea is considered a serious disorder than interrupts your breathing either while you are awake or...

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Dr. Lechner 10/12/2015 Comments(0)