What to Cut or Limit for Relief of Dry Mouth - Part 4

Monday, July 20, 2015
In our 4 part blog series on Dry Mouth, we have discussed; what it is, the causes, and some of the treatments.  Here are a few more treatment tips on what to cut out to help alleviate your symptoms and get some relief.
We know it isn’t always easy to limit our favorite foods, especially when there are so many great places to eat in Delaware county!   
If you are looking for additional ways to get some relief from your dry mouth, here are some suggestions.

Foods to avoid to relieve dry mouth include:
While inconvenient, dry mouth can also lead to an increase in oral health problems. The reason why is that your saliva is one of your biggest defenses against cavities. This is because your saliva helps to neutralize the acids you have in your mouth. In is found that nearly 30% of all cavities in older adults is a result of dry mouth.  

All of us at Lechner Dental Group hope these tips will help create healthier smiles and mouths! For even more information on oral health visit the American Dental Association.

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