The Importance of Deep Cleanings

Thursday, October 30, 2014
Did you know that your teeth are much larger than they appear? This is because of how much is buried underneath your gum line. Think of your teeth as glaciers, as much as you see above water there is that much more underneath the surface of the water. This means that treating your gums and keeping them clean are just as important as treating your teeth. So how do you properly treat your gums? Deep Cleanings. 

“What is a Deep Cleaning?"  

Also known as scaling and planing, a deep cleaning scrapes tartar and bacteria from underneath your gums then smoothes your roots to eliminate the areas where bacteria used to thrive. This two step procedure takes place during the course of one visit to the office. After the process is complete your gum pockets will shrink back to a more regular size. Dr. Lechner also has the options to use medications in order to aid your healing process.

“Why are deep teeth cleanings important?” 

Gum disease, like diabetes and high blood pressure, cannot be cured - only treated. If you leave your gum disease untreated it can have many negative side effects. If you suffer from gum disease it is important to keep the germs and bacteria under control so they do not have as much of an effect on your oral and overall health. 

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