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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

You use your mouth every day to eat, drink, and talk. This makes your mouth one of the most easily accessible entryways into your body for bacteria and germs. Due to this, health professionals everywhere are recognizing the importance of GREAT oral health care.

Dr. Donald Ratcliffe says:

“There’s a relationship between the bacteria—and the inflammation that bacteria cause in the mouth—and a lot of other diseases.”
Dr. Ratcliffe is a doctor at Staten Island University Hospital. 
Oral Health

What is the best way to keep your mouth healthy?

Dr. Lechner in Delaware, OH, like every other dentist, recommends brushing and flossing twice per day, as well as using mouthwash. In addition to this, you should visit your dentist on a routine basis for dental check ups and professional cleanings. If you want to take extra precaution, you can ask your dentist about what kind of products they offer to keep your mouth healthier. These could include toothpastes with a high amount of fluoride, or a special kind of mouth wash. 

What health issues can bad oral health lead to?


  • Diabetes
  • Premature birth for women who are pregnant
  • COPD
  • Dementia
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • And more… 


Your oral health should be taken seriously as it is the start of maintaining good overall health. 

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