Junk Food and Your Oral Health

Friday, January 22, 2016

Large amounts of sugar can cause cavities and increases your risk for gum disease. Many people do not realize that our oral health and overall health are linked in several ways. At the office of Lechner Dental Group it’s very important to us that we help our patients live healthy lives. Although junk food can be a treat every once in while, these foods will lead to severe oral health problems that can eventually effect the rest of your body.

One major, negative result of eating too much junk food comes from the large amounts of sugar. As we all know, sugar is not good for your oral health - it causes cavities and gum disease. However, this is made worse by the fact that gum disease can lead to other problems like an increase of risk for heart disease and weakened bone structure. 

Yes, the obvious come to mind when thinking about junk food like candy and soda. However, flavored waters, energy drinks, and sports drinks have a high amount of fructose corn syrup which are also extremely bad for your oral health

These sugars are not only bad for your teeth but also very unhealthy for your body.

Also, please don’t be fooled by ”diet” drinks.  These beverages have high acid levels that contribute to the breakdown of your tooth enamel. 

You can greatly increase your oral and overall health by simply limiting your consumption of these food items. Visit the American Dental Association for more information on proper oral health.

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