How Old Should a Child Be Before They Can Go To The Dentist?

Thursday, July 31, 2014

There is no magic number of when a child should start seeing the dentist. In dental school they tell you by age three, other places say as soon as they start getting their first tooth. Dr. Lechner believes a child should start coming to the dentist when they are comfortable doing so. Now, that being said you need to urge your kids to go to the dentist due to how critical it is to their health. 

It is unfortunate but many parents do not take their kids to see the dentist before it is too late. Many times a kid starts complaining about a toothache and a parent will make them a dentist appointment. However, this toothache might already be a cavity. Dr. Lechner suggests bringing your child to the dentist before one of these situations occurs so their first visit to the dentist can be non-invasive and easygoing. This will ensure that they have no problem coming back to see the dentist.

In our Delaware office, we encourage all young mothers, or even expecting mothers, to bring their infants in with them to their own dental appointments. This enables the child to become familiar with our office, sounds, and attire in a non-threatening manner. I’ll usually perform a brief examination of an infant's mouth and palate at no charge for our patients of record to introduce him or her to dental care sensations and to check early on for developmental problems such as cleft palate. Oral hygiene instructions and dietary counseling can also be presented to the parents at these early appointments as well. The earlier a child is introduced to dental care, the better.

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