How Does Pregnancy Affect My Teeth?

Monday, March 11, 2019
Dental hygiene is an essential habit through any point of our life, even infancy.
Yet people who are pregnant face unique problems and hazards during the nine months that the baby is developing. Features like morning sickness, intensified bodily hormones, and a modification in health and nutrition can easily create quite a few side effects in the whole system; however, this blog post features a few of the troubles that arise orally while the mother is pregnant. Those who carry on with their everyday care of brushing and flossing at least twice a day, enjoying a healthy diet, along with controlling their sugar consumption are less prone to get the following side effects.
Pregnancy Gingivitis Defined
Some of the frequent negative effects of becoming pregnant which most people might not know about are pregnancy gingivitis. The irritated gums are brought on by the hormonal changes. These kinds of adjustments amplify the bloodstream into the gum tissue, resulting in the gums to become much more sensitive, puffy, as well as irritable. Furthermore, the imbalance of hormones will often reduce the human body's potential to fight germs that generate periodontal diseases, even leading to an amplified hazard for gingivitis. After the gum tissues become swollen, they are more prone to become irritated and begin to bleed. Pregnancy gingivitis commonly happens throughout the second trimester.
Gingivitis can cause peritonitis if it goes unattended, and also peritonitis while the mother is pregnant sets an unborn infant at risk for preterm birth. To prevent the danger of gingivitis during pregnancy, the person ought to include at minimum one dental examination while pregnant, maintain a well-balanced diet plan, and also brush their teeth a minimum of two times every day, particularly after experiencing morning sickness. Whenever the individual is irritated by painful gums, a regular warm salt water mouth wash will help reduce the effects.
Increased Risk of Tooth Decay
While pregnant, the mother’s diet plan and nourishment must be corrected to make certain that the unborn infant is obtaining proper vitamins and minerals to allow it to grow normally. With an increased nutrition intake mixed with morning sickness, generally, there tends to be a lot more acid inhabiting the mouth of the individual. This specific acid works away at the tooth enamel and causes decay and cavities. Being pregnant may also cause the person to have an acute gag reflex and oversensitive gums, which could result in the individual neglecting to maintain a good dental hygiene schedule.
Whenever the person falls lenient in their hygiene schedule, it is able to incur damaging side effects on the pregnancy such as intrauterine development restriction, gestational diabetes, plus premature delivery.
Avoiding Pregnancy Tumors
Such cysts commonly grow during the second trimester; however, they are not dangerous and they go away shortly after the baby has been born. Tumors like these are more like bloated tissue in the gum line or between the mother's teeth. It's suspected that the puffing might be connected with a large plaque build-up. Pregnancy cysts are red and raw, and they seem to bleed really quickly. On the occasion that the individual happens to be really troubled regarding the cysts, they should talk with their dentist to learn if they need to get surgical removal.
Certainly, there are many standard worries which mothers possess during pregnancy. The topics we've noted earlier can possibly be avoided or handled by having proper visits with the dental practitioner at the time of the individual's pregnancy. March of Dimes says that it is plausible that a dentist can defer a number of procedures during the course of early pregnancy in order to refrain from producing any sort of dilemmas during that baby's growth, or if the patient has suffered a miscarriage earlier. 
Both are crucial facts that ought to be considered with the dentist in order to provide the well-being of the person and also the developing fetus. On the occasion that the dental practitioner chooses to take an X-Ray at the time of the appointment, the individual should not be worried regarding the X-Ray hurting their pregnancy. A protective smock will be placed over the person to shield the body from any form of exposure.
Individuals who are carrying a child should also do their best to adhere to a dedicated oral hygiene habit so that they can keep away from the factors that have been noted overhead. The mother must restrict candy as well as sweets—not only to enhance the infant's progress but to maintain cavity-free teeth. Including fluoride toothpaste and also a small, soft-bristled toothbrush will keep the mouth fresh and relieve the possibilities of irritating an easily affected gag reflex in the individual. 
Also, when the patient begins dealing with morning sickness, they have to cleanse their mouth with water and also mouthwash just after throwing up, then brush their teeth thirty minutes afterward. The acid from the throw up might cause destruction to the tooth enamel, and on the occasion that the mother brushes right after, the acid will be smeared all around the mouth as opposed to being removed.
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