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Monday, April 10, 2017

How true is the statement, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day?” You have probably heard this many, many times, but is it actually true? Is breakfast important to our health and wellness?

As health professionals, the team at Lechner Dental Group wants to see you as healthy and happy as possible. For this reason, we want to assure you that breakfast is important to your health and wellness. We can’t say if it is the most important or not, but it is important, and it is skipped more often than other meals. 

So, why is breakfast important?

1) It helps to boost your metabolism. Eating three meals per day can help to keep your metabolism in order. If you skip out on breakfast in order to limit your calorie intake, and increase weight loss, you will lose the battle. By skipping breakfast, your body’s metabolism will be thrown out of whack and will prevent you from losing weight.

2) Eating breakfast will boost your energy. The extra energy from breakfast will help your mind stay sharp throughout the day and get more done. Additionally, eating breakfast will help you from eating too much at lunchtime.

3) Breakfast foods contain vitamins and minerals that are key to you overall health and wellness. Fruits are high in Vitamin C, Folic Acids, and Fiber. Many breakfast foods can also help to lower your cholesterol. 

Dr. Lechner recommends eating yogurt at breakfast to help improve your oral health. Yogurt contains casein, phosphates, and calcium that will help to remineralize your teeth. Yogurt may help your teeth in their fight against decay.

A list of other healthy breakfast foods can be found here. Did you know that good overall health starts with good oral health?

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