Good Dental Habits Should Start Early

Wednesday, September 16, 2015
As adults, we all know our dental health is important to our overall health, but what about children's dental care?
Oral health is absolutely critical in our overall health. This is no different for our children. This being considered, it is important to start healthy habits at a young age.  
Dental professionals agree that children's teeth should be brushed as soon as they break through the surface of the gums. Unfortunately, many parents do not know this and roughly 60% of parents do not start this this early. Additionally, you should start flossing your children's teeth as soon as two or more teeth begin touching.  

As children age, and healthy dental habits are not utilized, this can lead to an increase in cavities and other dental health problems. Dr. Lechner believes that children should start visiting the dentist around the age 3, or earlier, if there is reason to believe there is any health problems.

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