Enhance Your Oral Health By Eating These Food Choices - Part 2

Friday, May 27, 2016
 Moving ahead from our previous post, we will be reviewing four additional foods that can help to bolster your general oral health.
Preferably, you want to stay away from food that combine high sugars, acid and stickiness. When you consume food that is high in sugar and acid, you are not only feeding yourself, but also the plaque that can wreak chaos inside your mouth. The resulting acids from the combo of sugars and plaque will lay siege to your teeth for up to 20 minutes after you are done eating!
Cheese is a great provider of calcium, and low in both sugar and acid. This makes it a great selection. Also, cheese contains a protein known as casein, that is found in milk and is particularly valuable in strengthening the enamel of teeth.
Sugarless chewing gum brands such as B-Fresh, Spry, Xylichew, Xponent and Trident all contain xylitol, a sweetening agent. Take note that not all sugar-free gum include xylitol. In contrast with some other artificial sweeteners, xylitol prohibits the bacteria in plaque from metabolizing sugar, behaving more as an "anti-sugar" than a sugar substitute. Normal sucrose will result in tooth decay and gum disease, whereas xylitol works to prevent them. Gum in fact, really helps to expunge bacteria and plaque from your teeth.
Tap water generally includes ideal quantities of fluoride which helps to stop tooth decay. The explanation for this is straightforward; fluoride helps to remineralize teeth, undoing the detrimental effects of acid, which breaks down enamel. Most bottled water doesn't contain enough active fluoride to have any real benefit.
Pears help to induce saliva creation, just like all high fiber containing fresh fruit. Pears are a good choice, as they have a larger neutralizing impact on acid than other varieties of fruit, for example, apples, bananas, mandarins and pineapples.
Yogurt, just like cheese, is actually an additional good supply of casein, calcium and also phosphates that help to remineralize teeth, the same as fluoride does. This keeps it another ideal candidate for fighting against tooth decay.
For even more regarding foods that will help to improve your oral health, pay a visit to the Huffington Post.
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