Enhance Your Oral Health By Eating These Food Choices - Part 1

Friday, May 13, 2016
 Our patients are always seeking out fresh ways to bolster their oral health. An excellent course of action to care for a brilliant and healthy smile is by making optimal overall wellness your main concern. Keeping cautious concerning just how we regard our bodies is vital to remain healthy, inside and out.
Commonplace oral bacteria named Streptococcus Mutans trigger the mouth to become very susceptible to discoloration and decay. This particular bacteria leads to plaque build up and will cause increased bacteria generation. In order to try to keep your mouth healthy, there are a variety of foods that can be good for your mouth and complete health.
Carrots appeal to almost anyone and are extremely healthy. For your mouth, carrots will help stimulate saliva production. Your saliva helps to protect our teeth against acids and also removes plaque. 
Celery, though pretty flavorless, is significantly low in calories and can be dipped in peanut butter or ranch dressing in order to get added flavor. It requires chewing, which serves to help to boost saliva in your mouth, and aids in getting rid of plaque. The sinewy strands in celery likewise serve to naturally cleanse your teeth.
Pineapples are truly a sweet snack that has plenty of minerals and vitamins. The astringent quality of pineapples will frequently serve to help eliminate discolorations from your teeth enamel. Pineapples are furthermore rich in bromelain, a protein-breaking molecule that can also help to keep your teeth spotless.
For more snacks that will improve your oral well being, check back with us later on in the next couple weeks!
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