Do I Still Need Two Dental Appointments A Year

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Oral Wellness Visits Are Still Critical To Good Oral Health

Everyone always hears their whole life, "Make sure you go to the dentist twice per year! Every six months.". With advances in toothpaste, at home care tools, and more, many people still wonder if this is necessary. The answer to if it is still necessary is yes. Below are many reasons why seeing your dentist twice per year is still important: 
Spot oral health issues before they become major problems. While visiting Dr. Lechner it gives him an opportunity to spot signs of things like tooth decay oral cancer and other diseases and offer treatments for these issues.
Some patients have taken exceptional care for their teeth and gums. This has helped these patients have a healthy mouth and avoid any health problems. If you are one of these patients you can speak to Dr. Lechner about extending the time between your visits. If you are not one of these patients and you have a history of oral disease, a weak immune system, or a genetic predisposition of plaque and tartar build-up you may want to schedule more frequent visits.
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