Do I Need To Have My Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Monday, June 30, 2014

Your first molars are your premolars, the second are your adult molars, and you third molars are often known as your wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth got their name because it was believed they do not develop until you are at "the age of wisdom", around the age of 18. These teeth, in fact, have absolutely nothing to do with your actual intelligence and wisdom.  

Do you need to have you wisdom teeth removed though? There has been much debate over the years about this. Many dentists said to leave them no matter what. If they grow in correctly, great, if not - at least they make up a good support system. However, it has been found that these teeth do not make good support systems due to their root structure being weak. While they do not provide a good structure, it has also been found hat wisdom teeth don't move your teeth forward like some people have suggested.

What we do know for sure is this. Wisdom teeth are in the very back of your mouth, this means that are very difficult to clean with your every day hygiene habits. This means your wisdom teeth will often become full of cavities. Additionally, if you wisdom teeth have impacted they can become full of cysts and weaken you jaw bone. Also, if your wisdom teeth partially come in, but partially erupt, they can cause infections and damage the gums surrounding your teeth. 

There are no good reasons to keep your wisdom teeth, unless you are simply not comfortable with the procedure. However, having your wisdom teeth out let you avoid many potentially difficult situations. The younger you are at the time of your procedure the better as the healing process is sometimes difficult.

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