Common Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Tuesday, March 24, 2015




Teeth can become sensitive and cause pain for you for many reasons. Dr. Lechner and his team will examine your mouth in order to find and treat the cause. Listed below are some common causes of tooth sensitivity:
Dental Trauma – If you tooth is damaged or cracked in any way, it will become sensitive to even the lightest of pressure. If your teeth are damaged in any way they may become sensitive after a cleaning or filling. This sensitivity will eventually subside.

Uneven Bite – If your bite has changed or shifted due to tooth loss, thumb sucking, loos of bone structure, or other things it may cause your bite to shift. If your bite does shift then it can cause your teeth to meet to early or unevenly and cause you pain and tenderness. A bite adjustment will correct the problem. 

Dental Decay – Cavities can cause you sensitivity to hot, cold, sweet, and sour foods and drinks. If your tooth is decayed, having a filling or restoration will reverse the issue. 

Dental Infection - An infection in your teeth can cause you a ton of pain and tenderness. If this occurs then you will need to receive treatment.

Dentinal Sensitivity – Exposed dentin is one of the most common cause of sensitivity. The happens because dentin becomes exposed due to enamel being worn away. If you have a healthy layer of enamel you will not suffer due to this.

Stay tuned to our next blog where we will review The Many Factors That Cause Dentinal Sensitivity. 

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