Can Your Dentist Help Treat Metabolic Syndrome?

Monday, September 11, 2017

Metabolic syndrome is actually a group of conditions that cause insulin resistance. Insulin resistance and dentistry do not usually seem to fit, but your dentist may play a more important role than you think. Before we get into what your dentist can do, here is a little bit more information on metabolic syndrome. This condition affects about 35% of Americans that are 40-59 years or age. The group of conditions that fall under metabolic syndrome includes diabetes, cardiovascular disease, fatty liver disease, and kidney disease. Metabolic syndrome that is left untreated can also increase the risk of heart attack, sleep apnea, stroke, and more. 

How the Dentist Can Help

Periodontal disease can be an early warning sign for metabolic syndrome. Your dentist will be able to help treat this or refer you to a periodontist. By treating periodontal disease, you can lower risk of heart and kidney disease. Individuals with periodontal disease that leave it untreated increase their risk of death from kidney or heart disease by 3x. 

Your dentist can also offer aid if you already have metabolic syndrome. Because sleep apnea is associated with these conditions, the dentist can create a special mouthguard to help you sleep through the night. 

Even visiting the dentist office for regular cleanings can help individuals with metabolic syndrome. The dentist has the tools necessary to reach tough areas in your mouth and remove any build up that normal brushing and flossing may have missed. Regular dental visits can help keep your teeth clean and make sure that your risk for periodontal disease is lowered.

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