A Worm, A Queen and A Barber Pole: Dentistry Throughout the Ages

Friday, August 21, 2015
There are many interesting and captivating stories about the history of dentistry. Do you know who the first ever "doctor of the tooth" was? IT was an Edyptian who lived in 2600BC that went by t he name of Hesy-Re. Additionally, Aristotle wrote about braces for the first time and Pierre Fauchard, the father of modern dentistry, was the first to employ a tooth restoration in 1728. 
I bet you would have never guessed the history of dentistry was so cool. Below are a few more of Dr. Lechner's favorite tales about the world of dentistry:  
1) Queen Elizabeth was infamous for her discolored teeth. This was due to her obsession with using sugar to fight off a dental worm? Yes, Queen Elizabeth believed that there was a dental worm that burrowed into her teeth and caused her pain and sensitivity. She utilized sugar as a way to defend against the worm. Perhaps it was the copious amount of sugar that caused that pain, huh? 
2) The first toothbrush, bristles and everything, was created in China fusing stiff hair hogs. Thank god we have advanced past this!! 
3) The Mayans are believed to be the first people to replace teeth. The Mayans used sea shells as replacement teeth.
4) For almost ten centuries between the fifth and fifteenth, you would typically have you dental work done by your barber. Yup, get your haircut and then a few teeth pulled while your hair would dry! This is the reason barber poles are both white and red! 
Want to learn more about dental history! Check it out here >>  American Dental Association.
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