9 Foods That Damage Your Teeth

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
When you pick up that food to enjoy, a bag of chips you've had your eye on, or a chocolate chip cookie, you should understand that it may be promoting dental cavities!
Here, our team has provided the top 9 foods that can damage your teeth. You can discover more foods to steer clear of.
1. Chewing Ice: Surprisingly, your teeth can feel vulnerable after biting on ice cubes. Since it's a hard substance, it may impair tooth enamel.
2. Hard Candies: Tasty and sweet, but have a lot of sugar! Did you know they also can bring about a dental emergency, for example, a broken tooth?
3. Chewy Foods: Foods that cause you to chew, and chew, and chew, and chew are not good for your teeth. Any thing come to mind? Gummy bears, fruit chews, jelly beans, starbursts, taffy, and more all fall into this category. The reason why these foods are especially bad for you is because they stay on your teeth longer and can cause more cavities.
4. Crunchy Foods: Foods that are crunchy or crispy break into a million little pieces when you bite into these types of food. These pieces then get stuck here there and everywhere wreaking havoc in your mouth.
5. Citric fruits and also juices: Recurring acidic food intake can be extremely hazardous to your teeth. Acidic foods are able to erode tooth enamel over time, making you far more susceptible to tooth decay.
6. Alcohol Consumption: Drinking alcohol in excess can cause dehydration and even dry mouth, which might lead to lowered saliva flow. A dry mouth is more probable to allow cavities and some other oral conditions, like gum disease.
7. Coffee: Including sweetener in your morning coffee can possibly do more bad than good. Additionally, it can dry out your mouth and also blemish your teeth.
8. Sweet drinks: Soft drinks have typically been known for having high amounts of sugar. Over time, plaque bacteria makes use of sugars from those refreshments so as to assault your tooth enamel.
9. Sports Drinks: They're terrific for athletes, nevertheless they do contain higher volumes of sugar. Tooth cavities are more probable to take place if its consumed often.
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