The Many Factors That Cause Dentinal Sensitivity 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Your teeth can become sensitive for many reasons. Tooth sensitivity is annoying but can also be a sign of more serious conditions. Some commons causes of tooth sensitivity include, but are not limited to:

Over-brushing or aggressive brushing - Brushing too hard or using a brush that is not soft can cause  your enamel to wear down and expose your dentin. 

Gum recession/gum disease - This occurs overtime and is extremely gradual. This occurs your dentin to be exposed as your gums expose more of your teeth.

Poor oral hygiene - Not properly maintaining your teeth can lead to cavities, gum disease, tartar or plaque build up, and more.

Grinding - Bruxism, is the act of exerting pressure or grinding your teeth in your sleep or throughout the day. This physically grinds away your tooth enamel. 

Medical conditions - Certain conditions like bulimia and acid reflux lead to an increase of acid in your mouth. Acid then erodes your teeth enamel and causes sensitive teeth.

Acidic food - Foods that contain acid obviously increase the acidity levels in your mouth. This increased acid will cause more enamel to erode.

Teeth whitening - A common side effect of going through a teeth whitening procedure/system is sensitive teeth. If you suspend your system or it comes to an end this sensitivity should subside.

Bad habits - Chewing on objects with your teeth or using them as a tool can wear your enamel away and cause sensitivity.

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