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A More Attractive Smile Through Cosmetic Dentistry - Part 2

This is the continuation of our blog series on the topic of cosmetic dentistry . The last blog on the topic is here . Bonding Dental bonding uses a resilient plastic resin material that is employed to fix issues like gap teeth, chips or cracks, cavities, exposed roots, and any other aesthetic purposes. After the bonding material has been matched to the color of the person's teeth, the dental professional might apply a conditioning liquid on the teeth that are being repaired. Then, the resin is b...

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A More Attractive Smile Through Cosmetic Dentistry - Part 1

If you're like a number of people, years of too much caffeine and sugar has changed the color of your teeth. Thankfully, these types of cosmetic issues can be solved with cosmetic dentistry . A healthy and dazzling smile can give us confidence and strengthen our self-esteem, which is why dentists perform cosmetic procedures. Dr. Lechner has the experience and skills necessary to conduct cosmetic procedures that can help provide you with that smile you have always wanted. In the next three blogs,...

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3 Kinds of Childhood Orthodontics That You Should Talk To your Dentist About

Almost everybody has had dental braces. Most of us wore them or knew kids who did all throughout our younger years. Almost 4 million Americans are using braces currently, and they are easily the most understood type of childhood orthodontics. We've compiled a small lineup of a few early orthodontic accessories that most patients might not recognize. How Can The Nance Button Help? There are some kids who wear a device that is called The Nance "button. It is a partial acrylic plate that covers a p...

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What Should I Do If Oral Cancer Runs In My Family?

Since birth, we always have friends and family talking about how much we look similar to mom or dad or another relative. "You've got your mother's eyes," or "You have your grandpa's attitude," are versions of phrases that all of us hear across our lifetime. We realize that a number of our physical attributes and our tendencies could be attached to hereditary sources, yet have you ever pondered if the same goes for your oral health? The fact is, the ability for all of us to become susceptible to ...

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How Does Pregnancy Affect My Teeth?

Dental hygiene is an essential habit through any point of our life, even infancy. Yet people who are pregnant face unique problems and hazards during the nine months that the baby is developing. Features like morning sickness, intensified bodily hormones, and a modification in health and nutrition can easily create quite a few side effects in the whole system; however, this blog post features a few of the troubles that arise orally while the mother is pregnant. Those who carry on with their ever...

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Dr. Lechner has been my dentist for as long as he's been in Delaware. He was the first dentist to recognize that my having had rheumatic fever meant that I should take an antibiotoc prior to a dentist visit. From that time forward, I have not come down with any sort of illness following a dentis appointment. Thank you for all these wonderful years of healthy teeth and general good health!

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