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Enlarged Gums In Kids Can Be A Sign Of Leukemia

A case study that was released discussed how enlarged gum tissue in children could be an indicator of leukemia AML . Often for a dental professional, it can be tough to correctly diagnose an individual based upon what is taking place in their mouth alone. Because of this, when diagnosing an issue, dental practitioners must think about the rest of the body. They should consider looking into the medical background of the patient and the patient's family when making a diagnosis. Leukemia A type of ...

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Dr. Daryl Lechner 11/17/2018 Comments(0)

Baby Teeth Are More Than Borrowed Time For Your Adult Teeth

When you think of baby teeth you probably think of temporary teeth that eventually fall out to make room for your permanent teeth. However, did you know those temporary teeth have a permanent effect on your life? Here are 5 reasons why your baby teeth have a much more permanent place in your life than you might think. 1. The health of your adult teeth depends on them Your adult teeth grow closely behind the roots of your much smaller baby teeth. However, because they are so close and your baby t...

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Dr. Daryl Lechner 10/30/2018 Comments(0)

3 Reasons Why You Need To Floss Regularly

I am sure you hear all the time about how you should be flossing more, but it is important you understand why it is so important to do so. Your dentist’s job is to keep your mouth clean, but they need help from you to ensure you can maintain a healthy smile for the entirety of your life. Here are 3 reasons why you need to floss regularly so you can always enjoy your smile. Reason 1: Floss fights harder than a toothbrush. Brushing your teeth can only get you so far in terms of fighting off ...

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Dr. Daryl Lechner 10/18/2018 Comments(0)

How Many Times Should You Consult a Dentist?

Consulting Dr. Lechner for regular and oral dental check-ups is important. The benefits of visiting a dentist include toothache relief, floss or inflamed gums that may bleed when brushing. Apart from checking crowns, dental implants or dentures, there are other things that you need to look out for. Tooth Decay Tooth decay usually affects the surface of your tooth. When the decay worsens, it affects the center of the tooth where your nerves are located, and this can create a cavity in your mouth....

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Dr. Daryl Lechner 9/21/2018 Comments(0)

The reason why Dr. Lechner is so anxious about your osteoporosis medication.

The reason why Dr. Lechner is concerned about osteoporosis medication. Since the early 1970’s, medication has been used to slow down the breakdown of bone diseases such as osteoporosis and metastatic bone cancer. These treatments are in a category called bisphosphonates which retard the function of osteoclasts cells. There are different names for the drugs in this category, and many of them are taken in the form of a pill. In a healthy body, osteoclasts absorb old bone to extract calcium f...

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Dr. Daryl Lechner 9/14/2018 Comments(0)

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